Reading Material and Getting started.

Reading Material

  • The Student Pilots Flight Manual by Kershner (any edition)
  • Knowledge test prep Guide (any publisher)
  • FAA rules and Regulation along with the Airman's Information Manual (current edition is required)
  • FAA practical test prep guide
    • Pilot log book
    • Cessna 150 / 152 Pilots Operating Handbook (after you know which plane)
    • Sectional chart (out of date is OK)
    • Course line Plotter and protractor (I like small)
    • E6B cardboard flight calculator (do not get tempted to by electronic or metal)

    Start with the first three items, get the rest later.
    Buy on line at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

    Home study courses: There are many Home study courses, both video and disc. I like books, from what I’ve observed, books are best. but different people learn differently.

    Before one gets too involved, please do the following:

    Get a “Student Pilot’s Certificate”. Good news, it is free and has no expiration date.
    1. Go to: and set up an account. You will get a user name, password and FTN
    2. Log in and fill out application for “Student Pilot” Single Engine Land.
    3. Make an appointment with us or any flight instructor and validate the application. Note: it should be done in person (but can be done other ways).
    You will also need a Third Class Medical Cert.
    1) Go to:
    As with IACRA, get an account.
    Fill out application and get a application NUMBER.
    2) Take number to FAA doctor. I like :
    or find your own