Once one obtains a Private Pilot’s license: The next step:

The Instrument Rating

If you just like to fly around on sunny afternoons and look at the amazing scenery, no problem. But if you want to take a trip - the limitations of VFR (Visual Flight Rules) becomes apparent. Weather becomes an important issue.
To fly in weather, one needs an
Instrument Rating.
The instrument rating is the most important rating to get for serious pilots who want to upgrade to a larger plane. It separates the “men from the boys”.
Not everyone can earn this. It takes a lot of head work (studying). Requires a lot of abstract thinking. Most people need to learn it as a new skill. YES, - you can do it! Just takes a little time.

Businessmen, Doctors, Engineers and Scientists seem to think this way as part of their profession.
People who change reality with words, seem to have a hard time. People who look for hidden meanings, as “what did he really mean?” have a hard time.

Talking on the communications radio to ATC (Air Traffic Control) is an issue. While english is the universal language, spoken over the aviation world, The words and phrases are particular to aviation. There is NO hidden meaning or agendas in ATC communication. Communications are direct and to the point. Yes / No answers are required. Then, because of garbled radios, there is a “Pilot - Controller” glossary of words. This reduces miscommunication. One must learn to talk this way.

What does it take to get
The Rating?

After private pilot’s license, one must accumulate 50 hrs of cross country - pilot in command time. (at least five hours of this was obtained obtaining the private - so 45 additional hrs are needed). Then pass a very rigorous knowledge test, and about 40 hrs of flight instruction. There is no solo.

Because 95% is head work, one should pass the knowledge test before starting or within the first five hours of instruction.
Manual manipulation of the aircraft buy sole reference to instruments, if using the good old 150/2 is very easy. - It only takes a few hours. (Larger / faster / more complex aircraft are a challenge that adds lots of time to the process. if a larger plane is in your plans, once the rating is obtained, the transition is very short. But to obtain the rating in anything but the 150/2 adds many hours)

Martin Aviation LLC

To instruct instrument students, an instructor needs a special endorsement on their instructors certificate. This takes a lot of effort and most instructors don’t do it. Interestingly, there is no FAA requirement that instructors actually fly “in the clouds”. The training is “simulated” instrument flight using a view limiting device.

Real World Flying is our specialty. After a student get skilled and confident, the training is in actual Weather!!! We take trips in real weather and the student gets comfortable in the clouds and heavy rain. This is very important. If one never flies “in the stuff