Martin Aviation LLC is a one person company devoted to instructing people to fly. I have an 100% success rate.

After observing and working at and with many traditional flight schools, the simple fact is obvious.
Flight schools are in business to make money. Money is made when planes fly. They want you to keep learning as long as possible.

A person takes an intro flight and falls in love with the beauty and freedom.
When they fall in love, they want to take flying lessons.

Small, independent flight schools take advantage of that emotion. You want to fly the fabulous Model X+. Schools know it and will get you into that Model X+. The bigger the plane, the more complex, the more money they make. You are overwhelmed at the instrument panel, have no idea what the controls do, but your flying the fabulous Model X+. This adds many frustrating hours to the task.
Young flight instructors are looking for the next big job (flight school pay is dismal) and they need to log hours in the air to get it.
SO - what does a student get - hours in the air in an overwhelming airplane.
It is not a good experience! Many people don't learn, and never get comfortable. They give up after spending thousands of dollars with nothing to show.
Some lucky people will get a certificate but are afraid to fly. Renting a plane can be a painful experience. Just ask someone who rents.

Here is the difference:
The Martin Aviation's solution is very effective.

1) Have the students buy a very unsexy
Cessna 150 or 152. There is no greater motivator than to have pride of ownership in a plane. People get excited about it and work very hard to achieve their certificate. It works well!!

2) Have the students pass the FAA knowledge test BEFORE starting the flight lessons. Now I know that everyone wants to get in the plane and fly. But that is not the best path. That pumps the adrenaline but not the goal. Use the time while the search is on to find the perfect 152 to pass the test.

The prospective students who embrace this agenda will have a great time learning. I have a great time instructing. The experience is uplifting (no pun intended) for both of us.
And the good news is that you also own the plane when done. Keep on flying - get the next rating. Take trips.
For those who care (I know it's not you) this is also by far the
least expensive method.

But what if you don’t want to own a plane? I recommend Century Air at Caldwell airport as the very best school around.